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Welcome To Sarangani


Region South-Central Mindanao

SOCSARGEN Growth Cluster

Capital Alabel
Land Area 444,179 has
Population 411,713
Population Growth Rate 3.476% per annum
Population Density 104 persons/sq. km.
Per Capita Income Php 15,350.00
Per Capita Expense 13,471.00
Literacy Rate 92%
Functional Literacy Rate 86.87%
Labor Force 181,000 (54.1%)
Minimum Daily Wage Agricultural:   Php 200.00
  Non-Agricultural:   Php 190.00
Municipalities Malungon, Glan, Malapatan, Alabel, Maasim, Maitum, Kiamba
No. of Barangays 140
Major Dialects/Languages Cebuano, Ilocano, Ilonggo, Tagalog,Muslim, B’laan, and English
Infrastructure 145-km. main artery connecting the seven municipalities and traversing through General Santos City, which maintains an international airport and Makar Wharf

Road Network (in kms.)

National      271.39836

Provincial    322.611

Municipal     344.__*

Barangay   1,878.12

Major Industries Agriculture: coconut, fruit and vegetable contract growing, rice and corn

Aquaculture: Milkfish, Tilapia, and Prawn

Potential Industries Oil palm plantation, abaca farming, boat building, marble mining, lime and limestone production, dried flowers processing, handicraft, dried fish processing, and coco coir.
Major Products Agriculture: Copra, rice corn, fruits and vegetables, and sugarcane

Aquaculture: Prawn, Milkfish, Tilapia, Grouper, Sergeant fish

Natural Resources Commercial Deposits of gold, iron, ore,copper, marble, cement lime, limestone, guano, fishing ground, agricultural lands and mangrove eco-cultural sites.
Indigenous People B’laan, T’boli, Tagacaolo, Kalagan, Manobo, Ubo and Muslim






About Sarangani

Sarangani is a province of the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao. Its capital is Alabel and borders South Cotabato to the north and Davao del Sur to the east. To the south lies the Celebes Sea. The province is divided into two parts, separated by the Sarangani Bay, and it used to be part of South Cotabato until it was made an independent province in 1992.


Elected Officials 2007-present

  • *Rep. Erwin Chiongbian
  • Gov. Miguel Dominguez
  • Vice Gov. Steve Solon


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