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Welcome To Sarangani

February 4, 2011


Region South-Central Mindanao

SOCSARGEN Growth Cluster

Capital Alabel
Land Area 444,179 has
Population 411,713
Population Growth Rate 3.476% per annum
Population Density 104 persons/sq. km.
Per Capita Income Php 15,350.00
Per Capita Expense 13,471.00
Literacy Rate 92%
Functional Literacy Rate 86.87%
Labor Force 181,000 (54.1%)
Minimum Daily Wage Agricultural:   Php 200.00
  Non-Agricultural:   Php 190.00
Municipalities Malungon, Glan, Malapatan, Alabel, Maasim, Maitum, Kiamba
No. of Barangays 140
Major Dialects/Languages Cebuano, Ilocano, Ilonggo, Tagalog,Muslim, B’laan, and English
Infrastructure 145-km. main artery connecting the seven municipalities and traversing through General Santos City, which maintains an international airport and Makar Wharf

Road Network (in kms.)

National      271.39836

Provincial    322.611

Municipal     344.__*

Barangay   1,878.12

Major Industries Agriculture: coconut, fruit and vegetable contract growing, rice and corn

Aquaculture: Milkfish, Tilapia, and Prawn

Potential Industries Oil palm plantation, abaca farming, boat building, marble mining, lime and limestone production, dried flowers processing, handicraft, dried fish processing, and coco coir.
Major Products Agriculture: Copra, rice corn, fruits and vegetables, and sugarcane

Aquaculture: Prawn, Milkfish, Tilapia, Grouper, Sergeant fish

Natural Resources Commercial Deposits of gold, iron, ore,copper, marble, cement lime, limestone, guano, fishing ground, agricultural lands and mangrove eco-cultural sites.
Indigenous People B’laan, T’boli, Tagacaolo, Kalagan, Manobo, Ubo and Muslim







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